Testing and Development Site
Remember: if this notice is not here, you're probably on the production website.


For general "How do I?" type questions:

The quickest way to get an answer to general questions about the site would be either stopping by our the #derpibooru-help channel on irc.ponychat.net (web client available here), or making a post in the Site and Policy Forum.

For feature suggestions and bug reports:

To suggest a feature be added or modified on the booru, please make a post in the Feature Suggestions thread. For bug reports that do not affect site security, please make a post in the Bug Reports thread. For bugs that you believe may have an impact on site security or privacy, please contact ops@derpibooru.org.

If you receive a "You've been banned" message:

If you believe you've been banned in error, please stop by the #derpibooru-help channel on irc.ponychat.net (web client available here), or send an email to ops@derpibooru.org. When contacting us, please be sure to let us know what your Ban ID is, as well as your username if you have an account on the site; we will be unable to help you without knowing this.

To report suspected rule violations:

All images, comments, and user profiles have a dedicated report link or button. Please use that to report any suspected rule violations, and a site moderator will look into it promptly.

For image takedown and do-not-post requests (excluding legal notices):

Please review our takedown policy and follow the instructions listed to request a takedown or DNP.

For advertising art packs, commissions, and other fandom-related projects and events.

Please contact either joey@derpibooru.org or thesmilingpony@derpibooru.org.

For legal notices, concerns regarding site staff, and commercial advertising:

Please contact thesmilingpony@derpibooru.org.

If you have a legal claim to content hosted on this site and would like it removed, you may send us a DMCA notice if you wish. However, we strongly recommend you pursue having such content removed via our takedown policy first, as this is a faster and easier method, and we always respect copyright.

For all other concerns:

Please send an email to ops@derpibooru.org and someone will get back to you shortly.