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Site Staff Policies and Proceedures

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This post contains the current policies and procedures for moderating and managing the site. Since roles and permissions vary from person-to-person, not everything in this document will apply to everyone. If you have any questions or concerns, please bring them up in IRC or contact a site administrator.


Welcome! If you are reading this, then that means you are part of Derpibooru’s staff. We appreciate your contributions to helping keep this site the amazing community that it is, and you have our deepest condolences.

As staff, you represent the site, so please do not go around breaking/flaunting the rules, antagonizing others, or doing anything else that may make the site look bad. Remember that site staff are not above the rules – they apply to everyone equally, and site staff are held to a higher standard as a staff member in violation of the rules can give the community some very wrong impressions.

You have the option of using your current, existing account for everything (casually browsing/using the site and moderating it), or having a second account dedicated to just performing staff related functions. Just remember that any account which has staff permissions will have a "ticker" under their name (Site Assistant, Site Moderator, Site Developer, etc), so if you choose the former option, be sure to distinguish when you are sharing your personal opinion vs making a statement on behalf of the site. We don’t want any misunderstandings.

We are pretty open about how the site works behind the scenes, both from a technical perspective and a policy perspective, but at the same time, there are things that we don’t want shared openly either. Therefore, please don’t share information about the site’s inner workings without verifying that it’s ok first.

While preferring staff-related duties, we ask that all staff be on IRC (irc.ponychat.net) and in the #derpibooru-mods channel. Additionally, any staff members ranked at "Moderator" or above should also be in the #derpibooru-admin channel. Sensitive information (IP addresses, emails, etc) may only be discussed in #derpibooru-admin for security reasons. IRC is generally not optional while performing staff duties, just to ensure that everything is done properly and everyone is on the same page.

Finally, please remember that there are no quotas or minimum time commitments to being site staff. You’re a volunteer who’s helping out, and we greatly appreciate that. If you need a day or two off, or just don’t feel like doing anything staff-related one day, don’t worry about it. All we ask is that if you’re planning on taking a longer break from staff duties (5+ days), please just let us know so we’re not in the dark wondering where you are. Likewise, real life always comes first – don’t let helping out here get in the way of other things you need to do in your life, and don’t let site matters stress you out. This is meant to be a hobby that we all do for fun, after all.

The "Golden Rule" For Moderation
Every situation you’ll face on this site will be unique. These policies and guidelines are meant to be the baseline for how most situations should be handled. However, you should always use your best judgement when moderating the site, and if you feel like a specific situation should be handled differently than the norm, bring it up for discussion. Ultimately, we want to maintain a strong relationship with our community, which means that sometimes exceptions have to be made, and some things may have to be handled differently than they normally would.

Site Staffing
Site Administrators: The Smiling Pony (The Frowning Pony); JoeyH3
Senior Moderators (Policy): The Lone Lampman; Archonix
Senior Moderator (Metadata): Nebulon (Princess Luna)
System Administrator: Arcaire
Featured Images Manager: Mildgyth

Site administrators are responsible for the overall management of the site, and have final say in all site matters. Any matters related to public relations, site staffing, site policy, or community advertisement should be directed to either or both administrators. Concerns related to Patreon, donations, legal issues or commercial advertising should be directed to The Smiling Pony in specific.

Senior moderators are longstanding staff members who are deeply familiar with the site’s culture, policy, and procedures, and therefore have final say in all moderation-related matters as well as "tie-breaking" authority, unless overruled by a site administrator (this is rare). Any unusual moderation situations, instances where multiple staff members cannot agree on a specific situation, or questions regarding moderation policies/procedures should be directed to a senior moderator.

The system administrator is responsible for maintaining the site’s technical infrastructure and site security. Any concerns about site security, site availability, or site reliability should be directed to him.

Emergency Procedures
Suicide Threats
If you spot a user threatening to either kill or seriously injure themselves, immediately submit a report (if one does not already exist) and directly inform the site’s administrators via IRC.

Do not attempt to counsel the user or respond to the post. You may moderate any comments encouraging them to go through with their threat, but otherwise try to keep moderation to a minimum. If necessary, you may hard-delete such comments, but be sure to keep notes of what they said and who said them.

Site Outage
If the site is completely unavailable, extremely slow to respond, or appears to be exhibiting extremely unusual behavior, check with the other staff on IRC to verify the issue isn’t specific to you. If other staff agree that there appears to be a technical issue with the site, notify the system administrator. If he is unavailable, notify the admins and site developers.
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Tag Descriptions
General Tag Descriptions
Ideally, the intended use of each tag should be obvious based solely on the tag’s name and tagged images. However, this is not always realistic, and a lot of tags have less-than-clear definitions. Tag descriptions should be used in such cases to clarify what a tag would be used for.

If a description/use of a tag is contested or often results in tag warring, a thread discussing this should be created in the tagging forums to allow the community to help reach a consensus on the tag, and a description should be set afterwards to avoid future confusion.

OC Tag Descriptions
A lot of OC owners have requested to have descriptions added to their OC tags. To accommodate this, a thread exists in the tagging forum to allow such requests. Generally descriptions should have the name of the OC’s owner/creator, description of their species and gender, a short description of the OC, and (optionally) an example image. If multiple OCs share the same name, this should be stated, and descriptions for both OCs can be added. If there’s too many OCs with the same name, it’s recommended to simply not allow a description for any of them, to avoid an overly large amount of scrolling.

Spoiler Images
Spoiler images may be added to individual tags to override the default "Tag Hidden" Celestia spoiler image. Spoiler images should adhere to the standard template (A SVG is available on >>1160541 and >>1019239), always meet the "safe" rating, and should be subtly relevant to the tag in question.

Tag Implications
Tag implications are for automatically adding tags to an image in the presence of another tag (the "source" tag). Implications are "one-way" relationships, where a "source" tag will always imply the "target" tag(s), but the target tags may not necessarily imply the "source".

For example, the TwiDash tag should imply Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash, as those two characters are always required for TwiDash shipping. However, since the pretense of those characters does not necessarily imply shipping is happening, the Twilight Sparkle tag should not imply TwiDash.

Tag implications generally should not assume ratings, unless they’re implying the highest rating possible for that "track" (explicit and grimdark). No tags should ever imply safe, suggestive, questionable, or semi-grimdark, as the presence of other tags in that image may push the rating higher. For example, images featuring only breasts would be questionable, but the breasts tag should not imply questionable, as the presence of genitalia may make a picture explicit instead.

Tag Aliasing
Tag aliasing is used for merging multiple tags together that mean the same thing. This helps avoid duplicate tags with the same meaning, and makes it easier for users to search for tags. Tag aliasing is a one-to-one relationship, where the "source" tag will redirect to the "target" tag, and all images under the source will be re-tagged to the target.

Aliases are semi-permenant. While an alias can be deleted, it will not undo all the changes caused by the alias to image tags, filters, and watch lists. This means that all images that were under the "source" tag will still have the "target" tag after the alias is deleted, and filters will not have the source re-added. Therefore you should always be 100% certain that an alias is correct before setting it, because the changes cannot be reasonably undone. If you are unsure, bring it up for discussion.

Additionally, a very common usage for tags is artist aliasing, for when an artist changes their name or goes by a different name on different services (such as "Derp" on Deviantart and "Herp" on Tumblr). You may find such cases on your own, or they may be requested in the "Artist Tag Aliases" thread in the tagging forum. Before setting an alias for artist tags, you should verify that both tags are, in fact, the same artist. Furthermore, inspect the content of the tags – some artists use different names to separate different content (such as SFW vs NSFW vs fetish content). If it appears that there may be a distinction between the content associated with the two names, you should ask the artist before setting the alias. If in doubt, don’t alias.

When aliasing larger tags (more than five hundred images involved in the alias), please keep an eye on Sidekiq (Under the "A" menu) to make sure the alias job completes before starting another. Attempting multiple larges aliases at the same time can have undesirable performance impacts.

Tag Destruction
Sometimes it is necessary to delete tags permanently from the site. Moderators with aliasing permissions can "destroy" tags. When a tag is destroyed, it is removed form all images, filters, and watchlists, and this action cannot be undone.


Generally, tags should only be destroyed if they are created for spam, trolling, or antagonistically purposes. If a tag seems otherwise pointless or redundant, you should see if an alias or implication would be more appropriate.

Tag destruction should ALWAYS be discussed before it is done, at a minimum with the rest of the staff, but preferably with the community via the tagging forum. If a clear consensus cannot be reached, or if people are opposing it with valid reasons, you should get additional approval from an administrator or senior moderator before destroying the tag.

Fun Tags
The community loves to create "fun" tags, including tags for themes that may seem silly, or may be overly punny. Remember that this site is meant to be about fun and friendship, so generally such tags are harmless so long as they have a clear and consistent usage.

If such tags become problematic, such as them being confusing, heavily redundant, or hard to find, then they should be aliased or implied into a clearer, more consistent tag after community discussion. Note that "I’m triggered because it exists" is not a valid reason to alias/destroy such tags.

Tag Uncertainty
There are times when an image may be borderline on if a tag is applicable or not. This is most common with certain fetishes and rating tags. An example could be if a sexual image shows an "underhoof" in detail, and people debating if the hoof fetish tag is appropriate or not. In such situations, if the artist has made a statement on what the theme is supposed to be, that takes precedence. Otherwise, you should determine if that theme is a primary focus or not for the image. Beyond that, discuss it with the rest of the staff, and use your best judgement.

For rating tags, it is always preferable to go with a "better safe than sorry" route and choose the higher of the two tags.

Tag Discussion and Debate
Derpibooru’s tagging system is the de-facto crown jewel of the website, and is second-to-none in comparison to other booru software/websites. It is what keeps this site so well organized, allowing our members to find exactly what they are looking for (and avoid what they do not wish to see). Because of this, a lot of work goes into maintaining tagging on the site, which can often lead to disagreements about how a tagging situation should be handled.

If a disagreement arises over a minor tag (one which affects fewer than 500 images, and is not heavily watched or filtered), it may be discussed in IRC to attempt to reach a consensus. If the tag has more than 500 images, has a large number of watchers/filters, or an agreement cannot be reached within 5-10 minutes on IRC, a discussion should be created in the forums to allow everyone to weigh in and give more thorough opinions. It is preferred to discuss this in the public tagging forums so that the community can weigh in as well. If a consensus still cannot be reached, please consult with a senior moderator or administrator for a final decision.

Please do not get offended at ideas that may differ from your own, or shoot down people who may simply be asking a question or raising a valid concern. Tag discussion should always be calm and respectful so that the best decision may be reached.
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Duplicate Images
The general rule for duplicates is to always merge into the "better" image. Note that merging two images together will move all of the votes, faves, tags, and comments from the "source" image to the "target". While it is possible to change the direction of a merge fairly easily, reverting a merge is currently not possible, as the combined comments and votes will remain on one image. Therefore, you should always be certain before merging images, and ask if you’re unsure.

Things that make an image better:
→ Higher resolution (as long as it’s not an upscale)
→ Better image filetype (SVG > PNG > JPG)
→ No watermark
→ Uploaded by the artist
→ Requested by artist
→ Transparent background vs white background

Note that the above does not apply to third party edits. If someone other than the artist edited out a background to form a transparent image, then both versions should be left up. If someone edited out an artist’s signature, upscaled the image, or posted a better quality version that’s restricted (Patreon-only, art pac only, etc), then that upload should be merged into the "public" version published by the artist.

Before Merging:
→ Check the table on the duplicate report, if anything is highlighted in red, that indicates that there may be an issue where the "source" is better than the "target" in that regard (resolution, source URL, file type) or there may be a discrepancy between the two images (different ratings, artist tags, etc).
→ Use the "visual diff" to compare the two images, Make sure your mouse is not hovering over the images, and any differences should be brightly highlighted.
→ Check the descriptions of both images. The "source" may have a better description than the target, and in that case, should be manually copied over.
→ Check the comments to see if there’s anyone mentioning the image is a duplicate, and if so, delete those comments.
→ If the images have different source URLs, edit the secondary source into the description of the target image.

Other Things:
→ Always check carefully to make sure the images are identical before merging, unless it’s an updated version from the artist
→ Never trust a duplicate report (regardless if it’s automatic or user submitted), always verify.

General Image Moderation
Attack Art (Rule #0)
Art that is intended to intentionally attack, antagonize, mock, or otherwise offend a specific person or group of people are not allowed and should be deleted. Note that this does not apply to images that may be of controverial topics, or topics that may offend some people.

Unauthorized Edits (Rule #1)
Edits that are likely to offend the original artist, such as OC edits, explicit edits of safe images, fetish edits, etc should be deleted unless there is reasonable evidence that the original artist is ok with it. If you’re uncertain, try reaching out to the original artist.

Paid Content (Rule #1)
Images that require a payment to access, such as art packs and Patreon-exclusive images, are not allowed on the site unless the artist/art pack coordinator specifically allows it. If such content is uploaded, and a free version is available (such as a lower resolution or censored version), it should be merged into the free version. If a free version is not available, it should be deleted.

Images from art packs that are released on a "Pay What You Want" basis, or ones that offer both a free version and a paid "bonus" version may not be uploaded until the pack has been available for at least one week. This is to help drive traffic (and hopefully sales) to the art pack during it’s initial launch. If such images are uploaded earlier, delete them and clear the hash so that they may be reuploaded when the time is proper.

Official paid content, such as full-page scans of IDW comics, as well as any content from the "Art of Equestria" book, is not allowed at all, per request of Hasbro. Delete such content immediately.

Do-Not-Post List entries (Rule #1)
Some artists have requested restrictions on how their art is posted on this site. This could be something like requesting no edits be allowed at all, or requesting that they be the only person allowed to upload their art. If an image is uploaded that violates a DNP restriction, delete the image.

Art Theft (Rule #1)
Images that have had an artist’s signature or watermark edited out, or has a watermark from a site that does not respect artists rights (My Little Brony), should be deleted. If you suspect someone has altered an image to remove a signature/watermark, check the source URL and other known accounts for the artist, and see if a "clean" version exists. If not, the upload was likely edited.

Non Pony Related Content (Rule #3)
Images must have a clear connection to MLP and/or it’s fandom. Images that have no connection at all should be deleted. Likewise, images that are not MLP related, but simply have a vector or mention of a pony added in (obligatory pony) also should be deleted, as the uploader is using a randomly inserted pony to attempt to make an unrelated image relevant.

Fill-in-the-blank type images (such as the "Fluttershy holding a TV" meme), where a template is used to insert a non-pony related image into a blank space are likewise not allowed and should be deleted for Rule #3.

Rule #3’s "obligatory pony" stance primarily applies vectors, screencaps, and exploitable. It does not apply to hand-drawn, non-trolling art in most circumstances. Furthermore, as new episodes air, new memes tend to be created. Since the community loves having fun with new memes, we generally are more lenient on this rule for the first few days after the episode is created. After all, that’s what filters are for.

Illegal Content (Rule #5)
We do not host content that would be in violation of applicable laws. If someone uploads a sexualized image that depicts or features a human, human like, or anthro character who appears to be under the age of eighteen, it should be deleted immediately. Likewise, any image tagged "humanized", "anthro" or "equestria girls" that also has the "foalcon" tag should be deleted, unless it is highly apparent the latter tag was added on mistake.

The current version of this rule was implemented September 2, 2016. Images uploaded prior to that date are grandfathered under the old rule, and should be evaluated to determine if they are "human enough" in laymans terms.

The artist simply saying "Characters are 18+" is not enough to appease this require. All characters must visually appear to be that age, regardless of what the artist says.

Images that feature a real life person whose age cannot be verified should also be deleted immediately. Likewise, if the person reasonably is under the age of 18, the image should be subsequently hard deleted, the uploader banned, and the admins notified.

Traced Images
Images traced from "official media", such as a vectorized screencap, are generally allowed.

Images traced from MLP fanart, as well as images traced from art from other hobbist/amature artists outside the fandom, will generally fall under Rule #1, as it would be safe to assume most artists will not appreciate their artwork being traced. If you spot an image that is traced, please do the following:

→ If the original artist has a DNP listing ("Artist Only" or "No Edits"), delete the image immediately.
→ Claim any reports regarding the image. If none exist, report the image yourself and claim it, so that other staff are aware that it’s being worked on.
→ Ensure that the original artist is tagged, and lock tag editing if the image’s OP tries fighting this.
→ Contact the original artist and explain that someone uploaded what appears to be a trace of their image. Ask if they know about this and are ok with it.
→ If the original artist gives a negative response, does not respond within a timely manner, or you are unable to find a means of contacting them, delete the image.
→ In the meantime, if someone asks why we are allowing such an image to be hosted on the site, explain to them that we have reached out to the artist and are waiting to hear back from them.

You should never, at any point, imply that the site doesn’t care or is completely alright with tracing. While we generally do prefer to delete as little as possible, very few things are more damaging to the site than artists having the (incorrect) impression that we do not care about them or their artwork, and are fine with people just ripping off their creations. That just upsets people and leads to DNPs, which no one wants.

Takedown Requests
Artists always have control over their artwork, and therefore if they request that we do not host one or more of their images on this site, we should honor that request. However, such requests should always be verified first. This can be done in one of two ways:

→ The request coming from an account with a verified artist tag (preferred)
→ A recent statement on one of the artist’s external profiles (DeviantArt, Tumblr, etc) saying that they do not wish for their artwork to be reposted on Derpibooru.

If a registered account submits a takedown request, but there is no verified artist tag attached to that account (or if it’s for another artist tag), please claim the report and PM the user asking if they are the artist, and if so, direct them to creating a new verified link for the relevant artist tag. If they are not the artist, or do not request a link within 72 hours, please tell them to have the artist submit the request, and close the report.

If the takedown request is submitted by an anonymous user, and does not contain a link to a public statement, simply close the report. Our takedown policy is clearly highlighted and easy to follow. If someone does not want to follow this procedure, do not go hunting after them and PM’ing them on other sites to verify the request.

We regularly get requests from commissioners / YCH winners asking us to delete images that they paid for. Per copyright law, commissions are considered "works for hire", and copyright generally remains with the artist who create the image. Unless the commissioner can provide proof that the artist agreed to transfer copyright of the image, you should instruct them to contact the artist and have the artist request the takedown. Do not contact the artist yourself.

Finally, uploaders who are not the artist may occasionally request an image they uploaded be deleted. Generally we do not do this, as someone else would be able to upload it right afterwards. Instead, you may offer to anonymize/remove their name from being the image’s uploader. If you believe they have a legitimately valid reason for requesting their upload be deleted, please bring it up for discussion in IRC.

Do-Not-Post (DNP) Requests
DNP requests are when artists wish to place a permanent restriction on their artwork. When a DNP request is received, review the type, any restrictions on the DNP request, and any further instruction. Below are instructions for handling each type of DNP request.

No Edits
This is requested when the artist does not want to allow any edits on their artwork, or place restrictions on edits (such as no fetish edits). If there are any conditions listed for the request, verify that they are clear, check any instructions the artist may’ve listed (such as removing existing edits), and then list the DNP request.

Artist Tag Change
This is when an artist is alright with us continuing to host their artwork, but do not wish to be associated with it. This is usually due to privacy reasons, or them wishing to leave the fandom and no longer be connected to it. Unless they request a specific new name, we give them a "PHP" name instead ("Person Hiding Ponies", artist:php1, artist:php20, etc). Find the next available "artist:phpXX" available, set that tag on one of their images, and then alias their old artist tag into it. Once the alias completes, delete the alias, leaving behind the "artist:phpXX" tag, but not their original tag. Then close the DNP request.

Uploader Credit Change
This is when an artist wishes to have uploader credit over their artwork. Simply do a search for "artist:name,-uploader:(name)", and then for all results, set the uploader to their account. Then close the DNP request.

Certain Type/Location Only
This is for when the artist wishes to limit/restrict portions of their art, such as not allowing WIPs to be posted, or only allowing art that’s posted on their DA account to be posted here. Check any instructions they may’ve left regarding existing uploads, verify that the "conditions" are clear and easy to understand, and then list the DNP entry.

With Permission Only
For when an artist wishes to restrict uploads of their art to specific people, or request that people ask them first. Check the conditions and instructions, and then list the DNP request.

Artist Upload Only
This is the "all inclusive" DNP request, which could easily mean no artwork at all if the artist chooses not to post it themselves. If an artist generally has a history of uploading their own art, and appears that they will continue doing so, then simply check the conditions and instructions and list the DNP request.

If the artist doesn’t have a history of posting their artwork, or appears that they wish to prevent their artwork from being on the site at all, please reach out to them. Inquire about any concerns they may have about the site, why they would wish to remove their artwork, and if there’s anything we could do to convince them to change their minds.

Normally we can work with artists to try to address any concerns they might have, so bring up any concerns they raise in IRC and we can see what can be done. If you are not able to convince them to change their mind, then list the DNP request and remove images as instructed. It is preferred that Artist-Only DNP requests be handled by more experienced moderators.

Request for "other" DNP requests are fairly uncommon and are usually pretty specific. Check the conditions and instructions to see if it fits in line with a different type of DNP request, and if so, change it and handle it as normal for it’s classification. If the request is legitimately unusual and does not fall within one of the above categories, discuss it with IRC or leave it to someone well-versed in handling such requests.

Rescinded DNP Requests
Artist always have the option to rescind a DNP request that they submitted. If they do so, it will appear in the DNP queue with a "rescinded" status, so that you may begin working to restore images if necessary.

OC Takedowns / OC Attack Art
Original characters are not covered by copyright law. Therefore, we generally do not take down artwork at the request of the OC’s owner. Instead, the artist of such images would have to be the one requesting the takedown. If someone requests that we remove one or more pictures of their OC, explain to them that they will need to ask the artist to contact us with the takedown request instead. As with commissions, do not go tracking down the artist trying to ask if they want the image removed.

An exception to this rule is if the image of the OC is created with the intent to troll, offend, or otherwise antagonize the owner of the OC, as this would be considered attack art and fall under Rule #0. Examples include images of an OC being beaten/abused, sexualized images of an OC who’s owner is not into clop, and general shitposting/mouthpiecing.
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Comment and Thread Ratings
Since threads do not have rating tags like images, they should have a notice in the title such as [NSFW] or [GRIMDARK] if the thread will have such content. If you see a thread discussing adult/grimdark content that does not have such a marking in the title, please silently add it.

Comments should always adhere to the rating of their respective image/thread. For example, there should not be comments on a safe rated image discussing how much they’d love to fuck the character in the picture. If a comment is mostly within the rating of it’s "parent", but only one or two lines are more mature, they should be wrapped in [spoiler][/spoiler] tags. If a comment cannot stand on its own without being above rating, it should be deleted for Rule #7 instead.

Images posted within comments should adhere to the same rules. If a comment is only an image that is above rating, the comment should be deleted. Otherwise, the image should be spoilered if it’s above rating while the rest of the comment is fine. An exception is images that are embeds of other uploads on the site, as a user’s filter will take care of that if it’s a rating they do not wish to see.

Theme Relevance
Concurrent with comments needing to be within the rating of their parent thread/image, they should also be relevant as well. Some members love to begin discussing certain themes/fetishes on images and threads that they bare no relevance to. For example, someone may start discussing vore on a vanilla sexualized image that has nothing to do with vore. Such situations should be handled the same as above-rating comments – if the off-topic discussion makes up the complete comment, the comment should be deleted. Otherwise, the non-relevant parts should be spoilered.

Complaints About Content
People often love to complain about or question stuff they do not like or understand. If someone is insulting others for enjoying a certain theme ("only sick fucks could possibly enjoy this"), the comment should be deleted for Rule #0. If someone is complaining about the prevalence of the theme ("why do people keep drawing this fetish?"), please remind them that they can use their filters, but do not delete the comment unless they are spamming similar comments on multiple images and/or refuse to filter it(and then delete it for Rule #4).

Someone simply asking why people enjoy a certain theme/fetish in a non insulting way ("I’m confused, why do people like this" or "What exactly is the point of this?") should not be deleted, because they may legitimately be seeking to gain insight into something they do not understand. However, it may be wise to keep an eye on such comments, in case they devolve into drama.

Spam Comments
If someone is going around spamming pointless comments, such as posting the same useless, non-constructive comment(s) on multiple images, they should be deleted for Rule #6. Do not use the "spam" button unless the comment appears to be legitimate machine/bot-generated spam, as this feeds into a learning system that could improperly start flagging other comments based on such input.

If a post or comment is flagged as spam, please review it to determine if it’s legitimate or not. If it’s legitimate, use the "ham" button to approve the comment. Otherwise, use the "spam" button to confirm the auto-spam-detector was correct, and this will cause the comment to be deleted.

If someone starts roleplaying in the comments, please remind them that they should take such activity to the roleplaying forums or private messages. Do not delete such comments unless they are heavily flooding a comment section, the users continue roleplaying after being instructed to stop, or the thread OP / image artist requests they be removed.
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